Hi there, I'm Fay, who comes from a tech and design background. I'm interested in not only UX, but also behavior economics, motion design, and human-centered machine learning.

Welcome to my website! I design products and craft user experiences to explore their relationship to humanity and everyday life. I've been worked on Google's three internal products, two mobile applications for local startups, UC Berkeley's course enrollment website, ICSI’s AppCensus website, and an innovative video live-streaming app that has just been launched this year! (Yay!!)

Fun fact of me - before I went to UC Berkeley to further my study in UX, I was a multi-disciplinary designer, practicing UX, architecture, generative design computing, and photography in Michigan, New York, San Francisco, and Shanghai.

Aside from all things design, I love movies and animations. To me, designing for UX is just like directing a movie, where each elements are characters, performing a narrative in user's world.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line at sepahope@berkeley.edu.