Hi there, I'm Safei, who comes from a tech and design background. I'm interested in not only product design, but also design thinking, with a focus on UX.

Welcome to my website! I design products and craft user experiences to understand and explore their relationship to humanity and everyday life. I love to create more usable, logical, and elegant interfaces and to better organize content for an attractive and streamlined user experience.

Before I came to UC Berkeley School of Information to further my study in UX, I had received a design degree from University of Michigan. With strong visual design, data visualization and user research skills, I've been using UX methodologies to deliver solutions to help organizations achieve their goals. For example, I've designed mobile/web applications for 2 startups, UC Berkeley's CalCentral website, ICSI’s AppCensus website, and a key new tablet product for Sling Media.

Aside from design, I love music, traveling, and gourmet food.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line at    sepahope@berkeley.edu.