My Role - Product Manager | UX Researcher | UX Designer | Interaction Designer

Tools - Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCad, Axure

Design Problem

The residents share little community connection in the neighborhood of Willowtree Apartments on University of Michigan’s North Campus. Meanwhile, the offline house repairing process through leasing office to repairman is quite inefficient. These two facts drove me to design FixiT to improve the sense of community of the residents there through making the house repairing process more efficient, humane, and mutually-beneficial in the neighborhood.


To realize the two-fold design goal, the most critical feature for this interaction system is to strengthen the communication-based connections among the residents, the leasing office staff, and the mechanics . To enhance such communication-based connections, how people could communicate through Fixit with a group of people under various situations such as SOS/Alerts, Consulting a Neighbor, Initiating/following up with Activities, Reporting Repairing Issues to Leasing Office, is the most important feature for this interaction system. Those four main communication situations turned out to be the four main sections in the main message page of this mobile APP.





Competitive Analysis

I conducted competitive analysis with three similar platforms: UM Student Life Housing FIX-IT system,,
As I researched these platforms, I compiled a list of problems/bugs, which has worked as a starting point for me to think about how my own design solution can improve those aspects.


10 Interviews & 4 Personas

Based on my 10 interviews with residents in Willowtree Apartments, I developed 4 personas of sample users, and went through their demographic characteristics, daily routines and scenarios to think about their motivations, goals, frustrations, technology and communication preferences of this application. Personas help me think about my solution in the physical context more specifically. I used them to guide my prototypes and to assess my designs.




Design Ideation: 40 sketches



Wireframes & Design Rationale

Questions, Options, Criteria


Paper Prototypes